We offer bespoke trading solutions to traders and trading firms. Our price, volatility and strategy engines work in tandem to scour the markets for the most optimal trades based on your risk/return profiles. We also help you in vetting your ideas and strategies and implement a technology solution around profitable strategies. Our expertise lies in quantitative modelling, strategy ideation, backtesting, and implementing strategies.

At Advira we are committed to understanding the needs of all our clients and formulating and delivering bespoke tailored solutions using our vast expertise in the market-risk management arena. Our market risk state-of-the-art analytics will help you to identify, quantify and manage your market risk in a structured manner. We understand that every trading organization is different in its exposure to price risk and thus a straitjacketed usage of derivatives solutions across is not prudent. Our passion for markets combined with our numerical and logical rigour would help you in reducing your price risk considerably.